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Lugana, Valpolicella, Amarone oh my!

In keeping with my theme of hidden gem wines from Italy I was very happy to start working with La Giarola.

Since 1923 the land of the Giarola family has been cultivated with vines and in 1968 Umberto Giarola started making wine. La Giarola is situated in Palazzolo di Sona, in the province of Verona, near Lake Garda. They produce small lots of a few different red and white wines.

The main “figures” of the company are Umberto, patriarch and his sons Michele and Valeriano. Umberto supervises the various production processes and coordinates, in particular he works in the vineyards and is the head winemaker. Valeriano works with his father, concerned in oenological processes and the fields and packaging. Michele has the important role of sales and for the commercial development of the company.