PRICING IS BY THE CASE - 6 Bottles Moscato is a heady aromatic experience and tastes like biting into a ripe peach. At only 5% alcohol it's a lively effervescant wine that is perfect for brunch, dessert, and afternoon patio time. There is residual sugar but the naturally high acid level balances it to perfection. This is not high volume production Asti, the craftsmanship is found in the glass. It's also ideal for sparkling cocktails as a base. Moscato is effervescent as the fermentation is halted by dropping the temperature. This results in a higher level of sugar and lower level of alcohol. The wine is kept under pressure in order to trap the C02. The bubbles are softer than that of Champagne or other sparkling wines and it's sealed with a cork that does not require a cage to hold it down. Its goal is to be pure enjoyment in a glass.