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Sommelier & Bon Vivant

About Katy

Katy Moore is the owner of Katy Moore Wines & K Cellars, Sommelier and all around Bon Vivant with over 25 years in the hospitality industry. She loves to share her passion for wine through education and tastings. Contact Katy

Our wineries all share the same philosophy that great wine comes from the vineyard. Sustainability is the key along with a proactive approach to vineyard work. They may not all be small wineries but attention to detail is key and you can easily see the effort in the glass.

 Katy Moore is here to connect with wine lovers, share opinions, and host events to connect everyone with great wine and food.

Services - Katy Moore - Sommelier

Hosting a party and looking for a twist? Katy Moore Wines offers personal tastings based on your choice of topic. Wines can be from personal cellars or the LCBO. Focus on a region, wine style or particular vintage.

Katy Moore Wines offers certain Sommelier services for restaurants: Staff training, wine list consultation, or someone to lead a wine pairing dinner or special event.

Subscription - Katy Moore - Sommelier

When should you drink that special bottle? What should you pair with your favourite dish? What should you buy for that special someone who loves wine? All of these questions and more can be answered when you subscribe to Katy Moore Wines Sommelier service. Yearly subscription holders also receive updates about LCBO releases that they would enjoy. This service is based on e-mail questions and responses. Think of it as a Sommelier app.

Personal Shopping

Do you love wine but not the time it takes to peruse the LCBO? Let Katy Moore Wines stock and maintain your cellar for you. If you are looking to develop a showpiece cellar or just ensuring that you have something to sip on when company pops in Katy Moore can help.

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