Happy Wine Wednesday!

This weeks Drink Up! is just a bit of fluff about some of the great webinars that can be found out there. I’ve just finished absorbing the “Back to the Roots” webinar about the different soils in Austria put on by the wines of Austria. Many wine regions have been offering such webinars, as have a lot of wine education sites. I even contemplated staring one up when the first lockdown went into effect but then thought better of it 🙂

The point is there is a vast array of great sites offering free webinars and in some cases, if you’re lucky, you can purchase a pack of wine to enjoy along side the webinar. A taste along if you like.

Here are a few links of sites that I’ve enjoyed hopefully you will too.

https://www.femmesduvin.org/ a great organization promoting women in wine

https://www.austrianwine.com/ they have a series of different webinars, tomorrow is wine & sushi

https://www.jancisrobinson.com/articles/wine-online-lockdown-learning the great Jancis always a font of knowledge

https://www.wsetglobal.com/wset-school-london/student-information/webinar-recordings I earned my diploma from WESET back in 2003. A little more reserved/wine geekish but still lots to absorb if you’re looking to learn.

I won’t go into all of the Instagram live or other social media platforms but they too have some great series or stories unfolding. Feel free to comment by sharing your favourites or reach out to info@katymoore.ca and I will send some links to more specific sites. Eventbrite seems to have no end to the list of great online tastings.