4th bottle

Happy Wine Wednesday! This weeks Drink Up! is just a bit of fluff about some of the great webinars that can be found out there. I've just finished absorbing the "Back to the Roots" webinar about the different soils in Austria put on by the wines of Austria. Many wine regions have been offering such [...]

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Bottle #3 Help hospitality and stock up your cellar

Here's what we can't do, read below to see what we can do. Your favourite local restaurants need your help. This week Drink Up! is Ontario centric but the same is true internationally, our local hospitality industry is in crisis mode and needs our help to survive.  Back in the early summer, our provincial government [...]

Drink Up!

This is a blog about wine facts and wine news. I will be posting a weekly tidbit or fact from the world of wine for you to macerate. It can be answers to wine questions that I've been asked or a feel good fact from a grower or winemaker. I am not a Journalist, Winemaker, [...]

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Drink Up!

1st Bottle Sonoma Vineyards For my first entry I'm focusing on fire in the vineyards. Many wine regions now have to deal with this issue and recently it's become the number one question that I've been asked, "What does it do to the wine?" The goal of Drink Up! is to enlighten and simplify complex [...]

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